Drywall Repair, installation and remodeling

Whether it’s repairing a small dent or imperfection in your wall that needs patching, installing a drywall to separate your living space, remodeling by adding hanging drywall or to give your home that modern, clean look it’s been lacking for a while a new hidden light ceiling, you will need a dedicated professional company that can suit your needs in the best way possible.

JXF Painting Service is one of the most prestigious companies dealing with renovation services throughout Toronto, and with our team of professionals with many years of experience we can help make your home look perfect with repairs that are guaranteed to last for the years to come.

Stress Cracking

Stress cracks on your home don’t happen only because of earthquakes and ground movements. Over time, parts of our home might be more susceptible to moving in very small distances. The most common cause for that is the air moisture, which can cause a toll on the wooden frame on which the drywall resides.

Plumber/electrician work

When you have issues with your plumbing or electrical connections, an expert is always the person that would finish his work with minimal intrusion and changes, but often times holes and cracks in the drywall are simply un-avoidable. After ensuring that your house has good plumbing and electricals, don’t dismiss drywall repairs either.

Rodents & insects

Living in a house with rodents is one of the most uncomfortable situations one can go through. They are dirty, noisy, cause odors, and eat away through anything they come across. Anyone who has lives in a house infested with rodents or insects knows that after they are removed, they will leave behind various areas where inconsistent damage is made. In that case we provide the structural drying, cleaning of affected areas and the repair of the drywall and frame wherever necessary.

Remodeling project.

Either you’re trying to give a new, interesting look to bring life back to your home or you are planning to sell your home in the near future and are looking for ways to increase its market price, a remodeling is the perfect choice for you. Choose to add texture to the drywall, or remove it where not needed. Add some hanging drywall or hidden lighting, or add new areas to your home by changing the walls setup to give your home that new vivid look it’s been lacking.

Stain Removal

Drywall stains can be some of the most difficult stains to work with, as the elements can penetrate inside the surface and water or chemical use would only spread the stain further making it look worse. This is especially a prominent issue when living in a house with little kids, and as we often see, many owners just look over the stain and let it be not to deal with the hassle of removing it. With specialized equipment, we are qualified to deal with all sorts of stains done to a drywall, starting from small patches, up to large surfaces, always replacing only when it’s absolutely needed.

Water Damage

Water Damage is one of the leading causes of drywall replacements. When a large amount of water has managed to find its way to your inner walls, it causes the drywall to expand and start breaking on itself loosing structural integrity. That is why it’s important that you call as soon as possible when water presence is noticed so that the structural drying can start and further damage is prevented.
For the much damaged area, the only solution is to remove the now unstable drywall and replace it with new one.

We have extensive experience working with drywall, frames, plaster and anything related, so whenever you have any issues with your walls or are planning to give your home a new look, make sure to consider JXF Painting Service as a partner you can trust on. For any inquiries contact our 24/7 customer support team now at 647-889-7967.